Dancing in the Moonlight

"Dancing in the Moonlight"

16" x 12" Oil on Canvas

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I went up to the corrals one starry night, as I have done many times, to check on the horses and hang out with them for awhile. Beautiful Will, a ten year old 17hh quarter horse I rescued from the slaughter pen when he was only five, decided to put on a show. As I stood in his corral, he reared over and over again doing a little bit of a dance on his hind legs as he pawed the night air. He seemed so very proud of himself! That’s when I knew I needed to paint Will “Dancing in the Moonlight”.  When he decided his performance was over, he lowered his handsome head well below his withers and walked to me. As is his way, he gently placed his handsome head on my chest and took a deep sigh. So did I as I thanked God for Will and for all the other horses I have known and cared for throughout my lifetime.

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